Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea 100g


Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea 100g

These Organic Jasmine Pearls offer the perfect combination of fine green tea scented with fresh jasmine flowers. They are Certified Organic (OTRDC Certified). These carefully crafted pearls offer a delicate and balanced infusion. Pure and soothing.
Our teas are created by artisan growers from distinguished lineages dedicated to producing the finest tea. Harvested with the utmost care, they are skillfully hand-processed in small batches to retain the flavour, goodness and vitality that distinguish these teas from mass-produced varieties. They possess a special aroma and taste that is refreshing, uplifting and restorative – a perfect infusion for any time. Please remember the health benefits too. Green tea contains high levels of powerful anti-oxidants called polyphenols – highly effective in protecting our healthy cells and boosting our immune system. Green tea also provides a rich source of key vitamins and the amino acid Theanine – noted for its calming effects on the nervous system. Healthy for you and delicious.

Green Tea

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